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From ideas to product prototyping and validation without spending millions on development time.

Defining business and user experience goals to help measure success and drive the design process.

UX Design

Information Architecture, Mental Models, User Flows, Wireframing and Prototyping, Field Studies, Usability Studies.

Interface and Interaction Design

Visual Design, Pattern Libraries, Development Specifications, Frontend Strategy, Responsive and Adaptive Design.


Development, Branding, Marketing Materials, Guidelines, Customer Development Strategy.

Prove it? You bet.

#1 Big data, simple experience.

Marketers don’t have time for guessing. Quick Insights provides deep asset level content analytics that show who’s using digital assets, where, when, and how. From searches, shares, embeds, views, downloads, and more, Quick Insights gives people the power to interpret data that helps move business forward.

#2 Collaboration and work management, no problem.

Workflow Software: Before

Workflow application streamlines project collaboration, review, and approval processes for creative, marketing, and product teams.

After ZackUX

Defining success metrics and user goals based on research led to an architecture revamp, development of a design and pattern guide resulting in a high-quality product prepared for the future.



Information Architecture


UI/UX Design


Prototype / Usability Studies


A product design process that saves time, money, and wins.

Workflow launched in late 2016 with a crowd of dedicated customers. Workflow’s customer’s spoke to a slew of usability issues negatively affecting the experience.

Designing the Workflow proofing system from the ground up was an expedited process – 3 weeks to be exact. An abundance of user & product research, usability studies, and vision for the future painted a clear picture for creating an elegant user experience. ZackUX revisited the information architecture, in this case, the organization and prioritization of content and actions a user needs to take in order to complete their tasks and also designed a UI pattern and brand library for the product. Originally, Workflow was not designed to respond to device screens. Research uncovered that mobile responsiveness would be a huge differentiator for the product… The new design accounts for responsiveness. Multiple wins.

#3 Need a web page? No coding skills, no problem.

Portals application gives anyone with a computer the ability to layout assets and content into mobile-ready, attractive, web pages. Portals makes it easy for teams to build a consistent global brand by sharing, tracking, and managing visual content that’s tailored to the needs of more people.

#4 Have an opinion or story to share? Here’s your platform.

MadisonPost.com – A publishing platform where real people share their intelligence, ideas, and opinions. This incubator project initiated by Nora Gehin went through our entire process  research, design, to technology implementation. Cross-device compatible, and tailored for millennials, the Madison Post makes it easy to publish your voice. The state-of-the-art server easily served web pages when an article went viral receiving over 2,000 complete reads.

The Design Impact

The Press

Some people didn't like going into DAM and searching for content to share. So we started using Portals for complete asset delivery for all product, retail, and marketing launches. We load all assets for a launch into a portal -- web and print ads, press releases, images, links to videos, in-store assets, the list goes on. Now, I have those same people asking me, 'Can I get that in a Portal?' They're a game-changer.

Kitty TorrisonGlobal Marketing Campaign Manager at Trek - http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Widen-Launches-Portals-the-Best-DAM-Way-to-Share-Assets-1001869771

"Quick Insights highlights the most important information about your assets at a glance. You can easily see how your content is performing to replicate your successes, learn from failures, and show your organization that ROI of great marketing.

Libby MaurerMarket Wired - http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/widen-launches-quick-insights-an-analytics-cheat-sheet-for-digital-marketers-2130147.htm

Quick Insights has become a valuable tool to our team. Since we first did this test, we have now implemented this process into our workflow. This has decreased the amount of email inquiries that used to be sent to the Brand Team.

Kiersten KollinsNationwide Children's Hospital - http://www.widen.com/blog/widen-insights-challenge-wrap-up

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